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Welcome to our website!  This is a work in progress.  The DeBeeson name is a hybrid name.  My father was born George Dejean Beeson in Shickley, Nebraska on May 31, 1897.  After his Navy days, George had a legal name change, joining the De to Beeson.  He Married Lillian Puckett when he discharged from the U.S. Navy Air Corps in 1918 in Bremerton, WA.  They had two children, Beryl and George "Bud".  My father trained for the Navy Air Corps in 1918 and flew for 20 years afterward (including stunt flying); had a sign business; worked in the aircraft industry; developed an automatic pilot; progressed with his artwork to become an animator for Walt Disney Studios for several years then on to Walt Lanz and Univeral Studios; created and manufactured an extensive line of ceramics; painted volumes of landscapes and seascapes; built several violins as well as played them; was a "jack of all trades" and good at many.  I remember growing up thinking, "My dad can make anything", and I think he could have. In fact, we built a cello together when I was 15 that I still play after almost 50 years.  He has a very interesting story I've already detailed in a website called Untold Story.  He married my mother, Opal Kampmeier in 1940 and had one child, a boy named Max.  Up to this point we have the Beesons, DeJeans, Kampmeiers, and Eckmans.  Max married Susan Herbinaux in 1963 which connects with Havens, Herdman, and Herbinaux.  Max and Susan had 3 children.  One son,deceased with no issue, two daughters-one with 4 children and the other with none yet.  That brings in the McIsaac and Hiltz families.  Some of the items in the site are more complete than others, but we will attempt to add information as it is acquired.  I'm a Pastor and have included some links and resources in the Christian realm.  I'm a musician and photographer and am including some things in that realm as well.  Check out the photo albums and links we have listed. Most recently, we have added a page for Susan's first book in the Journey Series - Jennifer's Journey.  I hope you enjoy our website!--Max DeBeeson

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